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Client Questions

As a client (Project Owner), you post a project and review proposals from a shortlist of curated contractors for free. Once you have agreed on the Project’s scope, terms and deliverables through the bidding process, you award the project to the successful contractor and you are ready to go.

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Building

The flexibility and scalability of Oncontractor makes it suitable for large multinational companies through to smaller service companies and consultancies.

We connect organisations to technical professionals, trade professionals and project support professionals in the listed industries. Our service is suitable for all stages of the project life cycle.

OnContractor is designed for you have flexibility and agility in talent engagement and cost control, so you can post anything from a fixed term project to a fixed deliverable project and pay the contractor by the hour, day or project: p>

  • QA plan for the construction of the footings for a wind farm.
  • Structural analysis of a retaining wall
  • Document controller for a fixed term project
  • Study Manager for a pre-feasibility project
  • Spatial mapping model of a delta system

That’s your call to make depending on the project.

Definitely. One of the significant advantages of Oncontractor is the ability to access contractors anywhere in the world at competitive global rates. Many of our contractors are based in global service centres and complete projects across a broad range time zones and locations.

You can set your preferred hourly rate, daily rate or project rate OR leave your budget blank and let contractors bid their rate to determine market rate. As the project owner, you can also counter offer allowing room for two sided negotiations. The OnContractor platform gives you and the contractor control and transparency to be competitive. Our internal team can provide guidance around rate setting and market conditions in the talent space you are targeting.

Yes, you can extend a project at any time via the platform.

Depending on the type of projects, the contractor will either complete a timesheet or invoice for you to approve. We pay the contractor then invoice you.

This is entirely up to you. Where you don’t know what is involved in the project initially or it is an ongoing assignment, an hourly or day rate may be more appropriate. Where the project has fixed deliverables, you can may choose to pay per project. Ultimately, the decision is yours, taking into account the nature of the project. The invoices are payable to OnContractor. We have a set payment run on a fortnightly basis for contractors that is not connected to your payment terms with us.

It is the project owner's responsibility to set out clear expectations, scope and deliverables. Our team is available to assist you with the posting layout. Remember, as with any service, the outcome you get will depend on the brief you give.

The key factors in successful engagements include:

  • Setting clear deliverables and timeframes up front
  • Specifying what resources are included to assist (existing models, P&ID’s, data etc) and what is not included
  • Schedule regular reviews with the contractor
  • If expectations are not being met, raise the issue early with the contractor

Oncontractor is available to assist at any stage in the Project.

The contractor is responsible for delivering the work to the expectations you set when awarding the project.

Depending on the type of project and how you wish to engage the contractor, most are covered under our professional and public liability insurance.

Oncontractor uses 256 bit SSL encryption (similar to internet banking). In regard to IP and data, we would recommend that you have the contractors sign a non-disclosure agreement or a confidentiality agreement. You can also withhold any confidential information that does not affect the contractor from completing their agreed scope of work.

Contractor Questions

You can either accept the rate the client posted with their project or set your own rate. The client can also counter offer and it’s your call whether you accept or not. One potential approach is to convert your desired annual salary back to an hourly or day rate exclusive of superannuation. When we engage individuals directly, we pay your super and you come under our insurance.

This depends on the nature of the project that the client posted and how they engage you. The easiest most common form of engagement is business to individual.

Under this structure, you come under our fortnightly pay run, and we pay you regardless of whether the client has paid their invoice.

If it is a per project engagement, we will set up milestone payments to fall into the same pay run unless an alternative pattern has been arranged with the client.

You will only require your own insurance if you are engaged by the client in a Pty to Pty structure. Individuals are covered under our insurance.

Before you are engaged, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the client either via the messaging function on the platform or be invited to have a conversation with the client (phone or face to face). At this phase we encourage both parties to set and understand scope, deliverables, milestones and general expectations. It is your responsibility to accept work that is within your capability for delivery.

Definitely. One of the key benefits of the platform is the ability to bid on work anywhere in the world. Many of our contractors are based overseas in locations such as the UK, Europe and the US. The only constraint on this are projects where the client requires site based work (unless you are willing to travel!).

If you are engaged as an individual, we pay your super and withhold PAYG on your behalf.

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